Loving // Music // Week 1


Here are some of the songs I have been loving lately

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!




Goals for 2016


I have seen several of my favorite bloggers making a Goals For 2016 post, so I decided to give it a try!


Post more often ~ this one is sort of a given, but I would like to post more often on not just this blog but my other ones as well. I also want to begin book reviews on this blog as well as a number of things.      Continue reading

I owe you this much

This is honestly so great I love it so much.


I am heading into 8th grade on August 31st this year. This is later than I usually start, so I find it sort of odd, but whatever.

This means more homework, new teachers, and field hockey until (hopefully) 4:30 (I say hopefully because we don’t have a coach yet).

In other words I won’t be able to post too much.

On weeks that I know I will be extra busy, I will schedule posts, though I will reply to all of your comments.

I will definitely have a birthday haul up, my birthday is September 16th, so it will be around that time.